Why does Freddy Krueger have two gloves in Mortal Kombat?

I’ve been trying to figure out why does Freddy Krueger have two gloves in mortal kombat, so here’s my short story as to how I learned about this atrocity and how I feel about it!

We just got our Playstation 4 for christmas this past year, 2015 and it didn’t come with any games, other than the uncharted collection. Not that Uncharted is bad, but we need a selection and with the lack of backwards compatibility games on the PS4 we had to resort to buying at least one title. So, we decided to get Star Wars Battlefront. Great game, for my son but not so much for me. I enjoyed it and the graphics are great. The maps are super repetitive, as with any map based shooter game.

Taking  a peak around the PS store, I discovered Playstation Now for the first time. WOW. If you go monthly it costs $20USD a month. That’s not bad. Plus a 7 day free trial, that’s great too! Downfall? You have to have great internet in order to stream the games.

So, we decided our first Playstation Now game was going to be Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. And as a family of horror movie fans, of course the first character we choose is Freddy Krueger. But here’s my problem. Why does Freddy Krueger have two gloves?! This makes no sense, even in the crappy ass remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, he only has one glove. Did they think that he wasn’t going to compare to the other characters because he only had one glove? Was balance an issue?! and those gloves.. they look like serious medieval robot technology.

We have so many different explanations on why he has two gloves. First being that Freddy was beat up by Shao Kahn. Freddy got upset and decided to take on another glove to help him combat Shao Kahn. I think this is some dumb shit, why would the dream master have to ever use another glove to beat anyone?

Then, there is the alleged copyright issue that they didn’t have the rights to use either likeness of Freddy in the game so they had to combine the two versions and make him different in order to have him. What a crock. Copy right has nothing to do with this. Grasping at straws for an explanation.

Some say that he would be unbalanced due to stance. He wouldn’t be able to attack with his claw if he’s in a separate stance. Again, this is bullshit. It’s a game, like they can’t just quickly change stance to use a claw? and as if his other hand would do no damage. I guess Stryker and all the other hand to hand combat characters don’t do as much damage as Katana with her fans. And yes, I know that Stryker has guns and Kitana can use her hands.. Not only that but Vega didn’t have a problem in Street Fighter, why should Freddy?

Here’s what I think. This game was a stretch to pull the original Mortal Kombat fans back as well as generate new ones. And how better to bring more people to the game? Give them something they like to play as. Gamers don’t like plain shit though, they want to see something new and cool. So they resorted to giving him another glove. Which has been the question for ages, why doesn’t Freddy Krueger have a second glove? Why did he only create a single glove? Was he retarded? Maybe he couldn’t make another glove with his already gloved hand? No.

Originally, Freddy Krueger was an avid masturbater. He needed his free hand to do dirty deeds. Mortal Kombat, a game full of violence, didn’t want this to be their vision of Freddy, so they put the glove on to stop the single player love. Problem solved.

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