What is this Compulsive Critic crap?

What is this Compulsive Critic Crap? I’ll tell you what this Compulsive Critic CRAP is! Actually, I don’t really know. I decided today that I have a lot of pent up anger and happiness all rolled into whatever I am. So, I’ve decided to just rant on about whatever it is that’s on my mind. Kind of like some weird ass journal filled with video games, movies and soda.

I don’t expect anyone to ever read any of this, if the site turns into something then GREAT, please share it with your friends if you think I’m awesome. If you don’t think I’m awesome, the F YOU. I use bad language, I don’t like the Fantastic 4 movie and I want everyone who got to see Star Wars Episode 7 before me to fail at the cinnamon challenge.

I don’t really have a reason to continue writing in this page, other than maybe to tell you about myself. I created a facebook page for this site. You can see it at <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/CompulsiveCritic/”>https://www.facebook.com/CompulsiveCritic/</a>. I don’t have a logo, so if you want to design one for me, please do. I’m not a graphic designer, so if I make one it’s going to suck.

Maybe I’ll let those douche bags on Fiverr make me a logo, that way I can have a bunch of clip art that was stolen from 12 other logos to create mine? Nah, better not do that.

Anyways, read on if you want to listen to my stupidity.

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