The Netflix horror movie selection is AWFUL!

Don’t get me wrong, the Netflix horror movie selection has some great titles in there too. But, let’s be honest. Half this crap is just that. Crap. Want to know some horror movies that just flat out suck?

Last Shift – This piece of shit movie will make you wonder why some people even bother acting. I gave up my career at Mc Donalds to be in this movie. That might have been a mistake.

All these Human Centipede Movies – OMG.. seriously. These movies just get more and more stupid as they progress. If you plan on watching the third one, just stop. It’s just a giant prison butt fest.

The Stranger – What is this about? Eli Roth really let us down on this failure.


Ok. I could list movies all day long. But here’s the thing. The selection ends after about 30 seconds of scrolling and repeating myself with the same worn out phrase, “Seen it”. We need some better movies, really.

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