Star Wars Heroes Light Side Mission 4-L

I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for about 10 days now. The game has great enjoyment, but with that enjoyment comes something very frustrating.

Star Wars Heroes Light Side Mission 4-L has to be the most difficult battle in the game. It’s not because they’re hard to defeat, but the storm troopers start right out by bombarding you with grenades, making it impossible to heal and survive.

So, what’s the best tactic to survive?

Currently I’m level 42, I have Clone Wars Chewbacca at level 42 with 4 stars. Everyone else I use is at level 42 as well and at least 2 stars, which is not enough. My characters I have are limited as I only have 12 characters, 6 light and 6 dark.

Star Wars Heroes Light Side Mission 4-L


There are a lot of ways to approach this, here’s a couple options. Keep in mind, you want to be at least level 42 to complete this anyways. You can’t even fight the mission 5 battles until level 43 I believe.


  • Healers – I suggest getting as powerful of a healer as you can from your ally support. You may also want to go in with at least 2 more healers.
  • Tanks – Chewbacca is key to this in my opinion. At least 4 star, with leveled up self healing and -1 cooldown on his taunt
  • Ability blocker – As a fairly new player, I’m still learning about these, but to my understand Old Ben is beneficial? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

A lot people suggest that you should use these character sets:

  • Luminara
  • Old Ben
  • Ahsoka(4* or higher)
  • Chewbacca(4* or higher)
  • Barriss
  • Jedi Consular
  • Ewok Elder(Can heal and resurrect)
  • Ima-Gun Di

Suggestions say that at least level 43, 3+ stars on characters that are not mentioned above as having at least 4)


Hopefully this helps a bit, good luck and may the force be with you(yeah, I totally had to)

Images are from Google Play – If you haven’t played this game, grab it on Android and iOS



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