Slang people need to stop using in 2016

I absolutely HATE most slang these days, and 2015 had no shortage of all that crap. All your friends probably called their girlfriends “bae”, or you had “legit” feelings for someone. Well, It’s time to stop. You sound stupid using these words, sort of like an uneducated monkey. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, you could show the world that you’re not an under educated dumbass and that you can be respectful to your girlfriend/boyfriends, family members and friends by changing the way you speak. At this rate by 2047 we’re going to have some fucking morong as our president, “Yeh, we done declared more welfare so muh bae can and I can watch netflix and chill.”.. omg. ok. stop! So here’s what we gotta get rid of.


1. BAE – By far the most used piece of shit word out there. Allegedly a word for other things like POOP. If that’s true,  you’re calling your girlfriend poop? You dumb fucks. It’s time to stop using this stupid word.

bae is a stupid word


2. Netflix and Chill – I miss the days when we called sex exactly what it is instead of using code.  Do we really have to hide what we’re saying? Especially as adults.

3. Legit – This word.. omgosh this word. I hate it so much cause of the ignorance that comes from a person using it. It’s ok to use it properly, such as “that bacon is legit” or “That document is not a legit piece of paper”.. But here’s some usage that makes you sound like a fucking retard, “I legit love that room”, “I just legit flashed that guy”..  you sound like a gangster retard. Seriously.


4. AF – I get itI totally do.. You don’t want to swear in front of your grandma, so you use internet acronyms, that’s fine. But when you are in public with your friends and say “damn that burger is legit AF”..  you can’t just say “AS FUCK“? You LAZY AF little bitches.

5.  Turnt – We used to get drunk, wasted, or at least smashed. Now everyone is getting turnt. “I got turnt last night at that party”.. You should have got educated last night at the library, cause you sound like a fucking moron.


I don’t like living in a world where we all sound dumb, I know I sound dumb some times due to the fact that I enjoy the F word and have bad grammar. But you will NEVER catch me saying any of this dumb shit in public! Let me know if you’re an avid user of any of these words in the comments.

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