Nintendo NX Release date – Still unconfirmed but let’s guess anyways

The Nintendo NX, while it’s only a codename as of right now and we don’t know what the system will ACTUALLY be called, one thing is for sure; it’s probably going to have a handheld screen that everyone will fight over.(lol) I kid.

Most people are just concerned about the release date, what kind of graphics the Nintendo NX is going to offer and what else it could possibly do? (3ds link up?) Regardless, the image below shows the release dates for the major nintendo consoles for TV. Each system has been released anywhere from 5-8 years apart from each other and with the WiiU being released about 4 years ago, I think we have a good 2-3 years before we’re going to be seeing this new console.

However, here’s some thought.

November 18th, 2012 the Wii U was released in America and Canada.
The WiiU has sold over 10 million units
Has 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB – 32GB flash memory and a video card from 2011 designed by Nintendo and AMD that clocks at 550 MHz.. Yikes.

A year later, the Playstation 4 was released November 15th.
almost 40 million units sold… in less time that the WiiU
Contains media player to play BluRays(quickly replaces that blu ray player)
8 GB GDDR5 RAM with 256MB DDR3 RAM for background tasks
500 GB – 1 TB HD with external drive support

Now I’m not an expert of hardware by any means, but here’s my opinion. Nintendo released a system a year prior to the PS4, has done almost 26 million less in sales and has hardware that is significantly far behind its competition. As we all know, Nintendo doesn’t care and just makes systems how they want, but I think we could be seeing this new system as early as Spring of 2017, if not sooner. They’re going to have to WOW the market, so let’s hope they do with the Nintendo “NX”.

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