Kmart closing stores in April

When I was a kid I remember heading up to the local Kmart. They had an amazing cafeteria area that my mom or grandma would bring me to. We could nachos with that fake ass cheese that tasted so good. But now it seems like that’s going to be completely over. Kmart closing stores in April, Great.

The biggest memory of K-Mart that I have, is when Diablo II came out. Back when you could buy PC games in those giant boxes and they actually came with instruction books and other cool stuff(like inserts!!). My grandma took me to our local Kmart, which was only about 30 minutes away, and I begged until I got it. Greatest video game ever, and the start of my addiction to Diablo 2. Even when the expansion pack came out, I picked that up at the Kmart that we always shopped at.

We used to get those nachos from there as well, sitting up there with my cousins eating the crap out of their junk food because it was so cheap and we needed a place to refresh after skating the parking lot. It wasn’t but a few years later that they removed the food area and replaced it with some discount back to school seasonal bullshit.

A few years later, there is an empty store where kmart used to be and now that space is used for a great halloween store, which I don’t mind. I do miss that place though, the Kmart that is.

And now according to this site or whatever. It looks like everything will start selling out at every kmart in the US. So I guess, while you still have a kmart to shop at you better do it. Sooner too cause you’re going to be getting some major discounts up until they close the doors for good.

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