Is Surge Soda Back for good?

Is Surge soda back for good? I’ve been asking myself this since Amazon started selling for like $400 a case. A bit ridiculous if you ask me, but yeah some people still bought it. Fools.

Now you can pick up a 16 oz can at a gas station for 99 cents. Unless you shop at Speedway, those buttplugs have them for 2 for $2.22. WTF is the deal with that? I remember back when I was a kid, drinking the shit out of this junk until my pee was so green, you’d think it would turn turles into ninjas, the price was like 50 cents or some shit.

Regardless of what kind of childhood obesity issues I had to deal with, Surge has made a come back. And I think it’s better than ever. So far I’ve only gained 8 pounds and lost 3 teeth! Thanks Coca-Cola for bringing back the only soda that is guaranteed to give you a kidney infection.

To answer the question though, Yes. Yes, Surge is back. It’s not known if this garbage(tasty garbage) will make it’s way into a 20oz, or a 12 pack case, but I bet it will. Demand is high, and Burger King has unleashed the Surge in the form of an ICEE. And let me tell you.. amazing.

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