How much does Playstation Now cost?

We just got our playstation 4 for christmas this year, 2015. Trying out all these new features such as the playstation store and blah blah blah.. I see this Playstation Now. I think to myself, what is this crap and how much is it going to cost me? So after looking at the games that are listed on there, getting a little enraged about wanting to play, I finally ask my buddy, how much does Playstation Now cost?

An avid gamer, he is, tells me that he has no idea. Great. So I resort to Google. Which left me no where for some reason. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough? I could find the yearly price and this 3 month price, but what about a month to month? I finally resorted to Oh, there it is..

$20USD a month!? That’s f’ing crazy! There aren’t that many games on there that could keep me interested for a full year, so I feel like the $99USD a year is a waste. Even though I know the math, I know it’s not a waste compared to $20 a month.

I signed up for the free trial, 7 whole days to see how this was gonna roll. Our first game, was <a href=””>Mortal Kombat</a>, and I have to say. I am pretty impressed. But what does this Playstation now REALLY offer?! That was my next question, after my 7 day trial, do I want to spend $20 for a month, take on 3 months or just jump into a year?

Well, here’s something to keep in mind when you start playing with this shit, if you haven’t subscribed already..

First, You don’t own the games.

Second, You are streaming games. So your internet connection can’t be as slow as a turtle crossing a street during a blizzard of maple syrup(Where the f did that come from)

And finally, you probably own half these games already. Which isn’t a big deal.

If you’re like me, and had a lousy router set up, and can only download at 3mbs over the WiFi, this isn’t something you want to shell out money for. The graphics suck, not because the games graphics suck, but because you’re STREAMING the games. Sometimes they become choppy, sometimes it gets so bad that it kicks you out of the game completely. So, solution? Most of us these days have HIGH speed internet, at least 50 megs or more, so this streaming service shouldn’t be an issue. Just connect with an ethernet cable, to ensure top speed, and make sure you have enough bandwidth for you and the 17 other people that want to be on Netflix when you’re trying to play a freaking game!

Conclusion on this crap? Get it, it’s worth it. You might as well, games like Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed.. and a bunch of Lego and God of War games make it worth it. Oh, and Shadow of the Colossus is on there.. that alone makes this service worth it unless you own it already.

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