Heaven Sent Skydive

We’ve seen a lot of crazy sky dive videos before in the past, but I guess nothing really compared to a guy jumping 25,000 feet into a net in this Heaven Sent Skydive attempt by Luke Aikins, but he’s not the only one to free fall without a parachute.. Check out these videos of guys jumping without parachutes(sorta).

First off, this guy right here doesn’t exactly jump without a parachute, they throw it out and he jumps to catch up with the parachute.

Honestly, this isn’t that impressive, we’ve been seeing crazy crap for a long time and this really isn’t that insane at all, if he had dropped into the ocean or something that could have been cool.

Next up is this guy who jumps out of an airplane and lands on a trampoline.

A little more dramatic…

.. Just kidding, that crap is fake! lol..

So now for the real thing. Luke Aikins has been jumping for over 26 years and has completed over 18,000 jumps.. INSANE! right? Well, OK. I’m going to go out of my box here and say this, this guy is out of his mind.

So here’s a video of a test, into the actual net that they’re going to use. This is a 1150ft drop with 220 pounds.

What’s stupid about this is that this is only at 1150 feet and this guy is going to jump 25,000 feet..

I have this feeling that tonight on FOX, we’re going to see a pretty dramatic death. But let’s hope not!

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