Customer finds raw giblets inside piece of chicken at KFC – I call bullsh*t!

Here’s this story of this girl, Cassandra Perkins, who visited a KFC one day for lunch(or dinner?) and ordered some pretty rad chicken.

She ordered this Zinger Tower meal, which comes with some pretty gross stuff as it is.. sorry but it’s true. Maybe in other parts of the world this stuff is good, but no. Just no.

So she gets her Zinger Tower Combo, which can come with things such as Mango pudding and Pepsi Max, yuck.. lol The Sandwich itself looks pretty good though. Chicken, zesty chili lime sauce, lettuce, zinger fillet(wtf is this? btw), cheese, hashbrown?! and of course the bun..

Anyways, as much as I want to continue on about this meal, let’s get to the real deal..

She also ordered a piece of chicken. A.. SINGLE.. piece of chicken. Who does this? I’m sorry, maybe people do. But I’ve never known anyone to do it.

Apparently she held this piece of chicken in her hand, pulled it apart, saw some gross purple crap in it and calmly decided to examine it. She noticed that it had uncooked giblets and entrails inside. So, for all the KFC experts out there.. how can you fry chicken and not cook the inside?


Source – read more here.

She took pictures, made some statements like:

It was the giblets. They didn’t even look cooked. If I’d have eaten them I would have been pretty ill.

My burger had a hair in it as well.

This is one ROUGH day out at KFC for this chick…

I’m thinking she was out for a free meal, don’t deny it. This happens all the time. I worked in fast food, I know what happens. I had a lady once while I worked at a fast food place order 15 cheeseburgers, I PERSONALLY placed the meat on every bun. Watched them go out the window. She was our only customer. She circled the building and came back pissed off. Every single bun was completely grease free, cheese was not melted. and of course.. NO MEAT. What kind of sorcery was this? And this was a young woman who pulled this shit on me..

So don’t even try to tell me that some weird scheme in the UK won’t happen so someone can score some free food.

Let me know what you think, is this bullshit or do you really think this happened? Share your fast food stories!

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