Is April Ludgate the perfect wife?

April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation has to be the most perfect girl on the face of the planet. I have so many reasons why I think she’s super awesome, but what makes her the perfect girlfriend turned wife? Is the boyfriend the big key factor to her awesomeness? I don’t think so, but I don’t think that just anyone can be with her.

Watching Parks and Recreation, the evolution of April Ludgate from “this is my gay boyfriend” to “I’m married, let’s do fun stuff” has been eye opening. Even though Parks and Rec ended, April Ludgate’s memory will never fade due to how amazing she is.

This chick has got to be the coolest, why? Because she does shit that we want our girlfriends and wives to do.

She supports her dumb ass boyfriend, no matter what. Find that quality in a girl is almost impossible. Most guys aren’t stupid, but are played like they are by girls and they end up getting cheated on or whatever. April doesn’t do this. She stands by Andy no matter what kind of dumb ass thing he wants to do.

She doesn’t mind being poor and she can find shit to do despite the lack of funds. No matter how little cash her and Andy have, they’re still able to find something fun to do.

She’s honest. She’ll tell you like it is. She doesn’t like her job, she’ll let you know. She doesn’t want to do something? She’ll not do it. UGH finding a girl that is honest is not easy.

She’s sincere. Watching her grow to love Andy has been great, it makes you feel like you wish you could be him. And he even knows what he has. Something super amazing.

I love when she asks “What are we going to do tonight?”.. “You can watch me play Xbox“.. and she didn’t get pissed?!? she’s amazing. Plain and simple.


april ludgate


Girls may say they’re like her, but do they truly exist? Let us know please. Also, if you are a girl like her, leave your number in the comments below. lol

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