Apple iPhone 5se Rumor

Allegedly, last week on friday some guy named Mark Gurman reported that a 4 inch iPhone was coming out. This is rumored to be called the iPhone 5se. Cool.

We have the iPhone 6, and 6 plus and whatever and we’re not even going to try to improve that garbage. So, instead we’re going to just go back to the iphone 5s and try to improve that?

According to this picture below is the iPhone 5se (from their article on this – click here to read it, they have more info than me!)


They said over at that this is the “real deal”.  Here’s my issues..

  1. Clean the screens of the phones before you decide to “leak” them
  2. Keep your ugly mug out of the reflection..
  3. Use a different light source?

The phone, obviously looks no different, other than there is no stupid square home screen button?

What’s so different about this phone? A few things I guess, it won’t have the 3D touch pressure sensitive display features, it’s smaller, and it has a better camera.

I don’t get it. If you want a camera, why not just go out and spend $400 on a REAL camera, but no. Instead everyone wants to just pretend like they’re professional photographers cause they have a phone with an 8MP camera.

How much will this stupid thing that everyone will just have to have retail for? Probably like $600.. maybe less. And now that most cell phone companies don’t offer real plans where you can get a phone cheaper, it’s going to hit people kind of hard in the pocket, especially those of us who want this new junk so we can be cool like everyone else.

Read the article over at They are more informative and much nicer.

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